Creating blog with wordpress

Creating blog with wordpress is not an easy task for that. You have to come up with clean thoughts and determination to learn how create a blog. Read these amazing 6 tips that you should not neglect and know how I started blogging.

I believe blogging is a powerful tool that gives freedom of speech to convey your message to a target audience, to show your creative side, and most importantly, to be self-independent who doesn’t want to work under somebody.

So, here is how I started blogging. When I initially entered the blogging world, I began as a self-taught graphic design, a learning process, and I opened my blog on a free platform.

You live in the 21st century, where you will use all these powerful tools and resources that change the living life that you want on your terms.

I am crafting this message for new bloggers who are planning to join this blogging community and don’t know how to start a blog from scratch, making them profitable and building a relationship with their loyal readers.

NOTE: Read this post till the end, and you will find the right direction to start your blog.

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I understand what you have been feeling for the past few days or months:

  • You are confused about where you have to start. 
  • You didn’t understand the technical blogging terms. 
  • You want a handy step-by-step process to create a profitable blog. 
  • You are on a tight budget to start a blog. 
  • You are scared to invest, and you are scared of legal terms.

When I created this beginner guide to starting a profitable blog, I kept it in mind.

In this, I will provide you with actionable steps for new beginner bloggers who regularly browse every single day and spend too much time on the Internet.

They are wasting precious time in their lives and missing their deserved opportunities. After researching and reading thousands of articles, they didn’t find the correct answer, and they had to go.

That’s why so many upcoming creators are passionate about giving a message to the world, showing their creative side, and sharing their stories with their audience to motivate them to start. When these creators don’t get the right direction to start, some go on the wrong path, and some give up on their dreams.

Two years ago, my story was like yours when I planned to start a blog that converts into business:

  • I was confused about which direction I should go. 
  • I don’t know how this blogging business system works. 
  • Can I set up my website because I don’t know how to code and technical terms? 
  • Legal stuff required or not, I have to go to a professional lawyer, and then only I can start my blog from scratch. 
  • I read thousands of articles to understand how this works. 

There were a lot of questions roaming in my head when I was planning to start my blog.

I know your frustration, and there are many resources available on the Internet today that tell you how you start a blog to make some money for yourself.

I write this guide step by step, where you have to focus and get a clear vision of what steps you have to take to start a new blog.

Take out your notebook and pen and write down some important points that help you plan to start a blog, or you can also bookmark this post and come back later this weekend to learn.


1) History Of Blogging

You are part of this blogging community, and then you should know the blogging timeline, how it all started and how it came to a reality.

According to the Internet: 

  • In January 1994: Swarthmore student Justin Hall’s first blog,
  • In December 1997, Jorn Barger Coins term ”Weblog” for logging the Web.”
  • In April 1999, Programmer Peter Merholz shortens ”Weblog” to ”blog”
  • In August 1999, Blogger rolled out the first widespread, free blog creation service.

You can learn more about the blogging history timeline given by Hubspot.

2) What Is A Blog?

A blog is a platform where you can write about what you are passionate about and share your message worldwide.

3) Two Types Of Human Being Personality : 

Type A: Invest In Themselves

  • Investing in themselves are passionate and want to fulfill their dreams. 
  • They are hard-worker 
  • They believe in their plan. 
  • They think investing in a long term 
  • They know what they are doing 
  • They focus on their graph 
  • They believe they have achieved everything

Type B: Quick Money Maker 

  • They browse Pinterest and find an eye-catchy pin that tells them the successful blogging income story. 
  • Then they open and read blogging income stories, and they get to know, oh, they make $$$$ in one month.
  • Then their brain gives a message: it’s a quick scheme to be rich.
  • Then they think to start a blog, do a lot of research, and find we can’t start a free blog to make money.
  • At last, what happens? They make excuses like, Is it worth it to invest?

Let me know in the comment section which type of personality you want to be?

If you choose to type A personality, you’re in the right place.

Congratulations on deciding to start a blog that gives you freedom.


I breakdown the six steps you can take to start your blog today.

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 1)Your Niche 

Now it’s time to choose a niche. Niche is a subject that you have to select which you are passionate about. Frequently new bloggers are overwhelmed regarding when to choose a niche. 

First, ask yourself these basic questions: 

1) In your day to day life, what topic you are talking about and you can’t stop yourself

2) Did you write the content on the topic you chose for at least three to four-months continuously 

3) When you are frustrated with your topic then, what do you do: 

A) Pick a new niche 

B) Improving your existing one and finding your target reader 

I know people can ask when it’s the right time to go to a specific niche. It happens; naturally, your mind works for that. 

 One of the biggest mistakes of a new blogger is they do overthink: 

  • If no one can read my blog, then what happens?
  • I don’t have a specific niche?
  • How do I find my target audience? 

First, you have to focus on starting your blog and write your first blog post. You get time to find your ideal reader. Show yourself as a creative outlet, you have a special message, but you are missing that opportunity to share it with the world. 

At last, you have a smile on your face. If you don’t get happy, then you can’t write. 

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 2)Your Content Management System ( CMS) 

Now it’s time to choose a platform to write and spread the message and show your creativity. There are a lot of free platforms like Blogger,, Wix, and Weebly.

For the last three years back, I have been using free On these platforms, you can start your blog for hobby purposes only. There is a limitation on these free platforms, and you can’t think of expanding your business and making it profitable.

I highly recommend starting a profitable blog with You can create any website and work with thousands of plugins; you can design your website with any template.

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 3) Your Domain 

I saw many new bloggers that didn’t come with the right blog name. You have to choose a name that makes sense with your blog, and the domain name is the website name that you prefer.

How domain name looks like a: Take an example of my domain

How do you choose a domain name?

1) Don’t use capital letters
2) Don’t use other extensions like .co, .org, .net
3) Stick with .com extension
4) It should be easy to spell
5) It should be easily remember

Where can you buy your domain name?

I prefer to buy a domain with Namecheap. Your website is the main element. You have to think about which domain registrar company you can take your domain name for your blog.

What is the specialty of Namecheap? 

There is a few core specialty you have to take a look at before investing in a domain name with Namecheap:

  1. The first thing that comes first is your privacy and security matters to Namecheap. 
  2. Two-Factor authentication keeps your account secure, and your domain privacy protected, all free of charge with your domain name.
  3. Namecheap provides a new user discount for the first-year registration, only $5.98.
  4. You will get free with WHOIS protection free. It prevents people from seeing your name, address, phone number, and email address when they do a whois search on your domain, and they can hide your personal information through WHOIS protection. 

Pro Tip: You can go with your name to buy a domain name for your blog. It’s not a big deal; you can change your domain name anytime.

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 4) Your hosting provider

It’s time to pick your hosting provider and get your From there, your creative side starts.
I choose to prefer my web-hosting with chemicloud. I have a special offer for my readers if you purchase chemicloud hosting through my unique link.

I recommend you don’t go with a domain name with your hosting provider.

I said that because of security reasons first and second, they charge higher prices for a domain name. That’s why I recommend you can go with a Namecheap to buy your domain.

Why do I go with A chemicloud?

1) 24/7 expert support
2) They help me boost my confidence when I change my host and come to Chemiclouid because of friendly support.
3) Affordable price to start a blog
4) Easy to use
5) Instant chat opens in a min.
6) Worldwide server location
7) 99.99% uptime guarantee
8) 45 days money-back guarantee


Chemicloud provides you with three plans, from which you have to choose. You can choose between these three plans: starter, pro, and turbo.

It depends on blogging goals; as a new beginner, I am personally going with a starter plan for choosing 36 months and recommend you too.

You can choose your billing cycle between 24 or 36 months, but it depends on you; if you choose for the long term, you can save more bucks. Starter plan complete; your beginners need to start a blog from scratch. The starter plan begins with an affordable price of $3.95

Starter plan complete; your beginners need to start a blog from scratch. The starter plan begins with an affordable price of $3.95

I have a special offer for my readers. If you purchase a chemicloud hosting any plan through my unique link, you will get an advantage to signing up today and in the future, too, when you choose the billing period over and go for a second payment.

Are you ready to grab this special offer? Then use my promo code RENEWAL50 upon checkout. It means the service will always renew at a discounted price.

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 5) Your website template

Finally, to come up with the creative part. Now you have to pick a theme for your blog. There are thousands of free and premium themes available to the store.

Of course, you can use a free theme if you are on a tight budget and change it later. I picked a premium theme from bluchic, a game-changer for my blog, and I would say you loved it.

You can purchase premium themes from different places like creative market and Etsy. There are different varieties in the store, and you can choose according to your needs.

Creating Blog With WordPress Tip: 6) Your legal side 

Finally, we landed on the last part to start your blog.

I saw so many new bloggers miss this legal side for their blogs if you are a new or existing one. You should learn why legal pages you will need for your blog, and because of this, you ignore them, and that’s why you are missing the ample opportunities that came to your side.

You can learn from this free legal course why you need legal pages and which pages you need, and not only this; you will also learn about how you protect your blog and business.

Congratulations, you crack the code to start a successful blog. 


Now tell me, Creating a blog with WordPress is an easy task; anyone can do that. Your blog journey starts from when you show work to the world. You have to prepare yourself for hard work, patience, and consistency. Just open your blog about what you are passionate about it, and don’t overthink

If you didn’t take the first step today, you never start your blog.

we learned today the six steps to start your blog :

  1. Pick your Niche.
  2. Pick your content management system.
  3. Pick your domain.
  4. Pick your hosting.
  5. Pick your theme.
  6. Pick your legal side.

Now, It’s your homework, shut down all the distractions and think about what you blog about, which helps your reader. If you have any questions about starting your blog from scratch, leave a comment below. I will do my best to help you.

I hope now you have cleared all your doubts regarding starting your blog. Can you share my content with your family members or friends, if you don’t mind?