LET’S Have FUN, EXPERIMENTS, AND Grow your online visibility

Hey, friend, I am Garima Kapoor!

I am a blogging creator, the founder, and the voice behind herbloggingjourney.com.

The past three years in the blogging world, but last year, I decided to convert into a business. I never thought I would have my website where I educate others, too, for a purpose. But this happens

& I am on A Mission

You have the power to show your inner strength that turns it into action & I empower you to take advantage and unlock your digital screen and transform it into a profitable business. I firmly believe you can live your life on your terms.

Her Blogging Journey is helping you create your blogging footsteps that spread your voice through the digital screen. I will guide you step by step on how this blogging system works for you. I teach aspiring bloggers and solopreneurs ( Like You) to unlock your digital screen and start your dream blog.

Are you wondering why you’re here?

Blogging or any online business is full of adventure that gives you the freedom to express your thoughts, show your skills to the world, and be comfortable sitting at home with a cup of coffee ( you know what I love coffee)

I know you’re browsing every day about blogging Or starting an online business.  Let; see below what you learn on my blog.

Let’s take a Quick TOUR:

  • you are a college student, and you have to make an extra income source.
  • You have the skills to show, but you don’t know how to start & represent.
  •  You are running an online venture and finding the tools and resources that manage your business smoothly.
  •  You are a mom and start planning work from home to support your family financially and take care of kids.
  •   You started your blog, but you stuck with what the next step is?

And the list goes on.

You’re in the right place.

A few years back, my story was like yours.

The Girl behind her blogging journey is confused, but she knows she will want to work with a digital screen.

It was 2016 when she was doing her graduation. At that time, she didn’t only do her graduation but also came across the real big evil world, fake faces, and many more hard truths of life. From then to now, when it’s 2017, her life has completely changed. Her perspective of looking at the world is entirely different.

But she didn’t give up and started hunting her path.

The journey began In mid-May 2017 Evening. She took her laptop and sat down on a couch with Pinterest. Then I founded graphic design and started the self-taught learning process. In the meantime, she created her first blog on the free platform, sharing knowledge about what she learned in graphic design and writing about digital content.

After a time, she realized she fell in love with writing about digital strategy, blogging over software.

 She finally decided to showcase her talent with you and how she transformed her passion into an online business.

One day Magic happens HER BLOGGING JOURNEY.com BORN.

DISCLAIMER: I am here to show you what I learned, experiment with, and testing that allows me to run a successful blog that gives you the freedom to follow your passion and achieve your dreams. I am still learning every day.

This Girl is passionate to tell you:

  • How does the digital world work for you, and how do you take advantage?
  • How do you transform your passion into an online business?
  • How do you start, grow, and make money from your blog?

How is her blogging journey different from others?

Her Blogging Journey is a community that inspires you, encourages you, gives challenges, and provide you with all the tools and resources with a strong foundation that you can put your ideas confidently into a web page.

My focus is here to encourage you never to let down your inner strength. One day magic happens, and you are the boss of your digital screen. Don’t care what others think or speak to you because this society never stops.

Trust Me, and I Do You Too!

I am eagerly excited to listen to your timeline story that changes your world and to share your story you connect me via email.