Hey, I am Garima, your blogging creator, the founder and the voice behind her blogging journey.

I have been doing blogging for a long time, almost three years. After a time, I decided to go with a business model. I never thought I would have my website where I educate others for a purpose. When I started blogging from Day 1, I wanted to be a full-time blogging career, so I didn’t pursue my teaching profession. I have always wanted to be my job would be exciting and creative with aligning my personality. It takes me time to find my skill.

In my school life, I created notes for myself to study the topic in a simple way to learn. One day I realized that I am passionate about writing, and then I found blogging as my career related to my personality.

I am on a mission to encourage you never let down your inner strength because you have the power to show your skill and live your life on your terms. Don’t care what others speak about you.

This society never stops if you are doing something good in your life.

That’s why I empower you to take advantage to unlock your blogging screen and transform it into a profitable opportunity.

I am preparing new content creators who don’t want to pursue further their current careers and want to follow their dream digital blogging career to work with their flexible schedule and transform into solopreneurs.

I am teaching new bloggers who have been doing for a while how you build a blogging footstep so that you can spread your message through your blog with your unique voice. After starting with a blog, you will receive many opportunities and find your ideal client for your brand to grow.

Are you wondering what you will receive?

First, if you want to upgrade your writing skill, you’re landed on the right resource. I know you’re browsing about How you can start your blog from scratch or Is it possible to make money with blogging?.

Blogging or any online business is full of adventure to show your creative side and give you the freedom to express your thoughts in front of thousands of readers worldwide. The best part is you can start by sitting comfortably at home with a cup of your favourite coffee.


1) Did you have a topic with you to educate others?
2) Don’t know how, when and where to start?
3) Are you doing blogging for a while or planning to start, but you are finding the perfect tools and resources that manage your blogging business smoothly?
4) Are you decided on your niche but don’t know what the next step is?

And the list goes on.

If I am not wrong, you’re thinking, why do I help you?

A few years ago, she was like you. The girl behind her blogging journey goes through many situations and is very confident in pursuing her dream. It was 2016 when she was pursuing her graduation, and she came across the real big evil world, fake faces, and many more hard truths of life. After a time, she changed her perspective of looking at the world as entirely different. But she didn’t give up and started hunting her path, and the journey began in mid-may 2017 evening; she took a laptop and sat down on a bed. After two-three days, I got a graphic design skills, and in the meantime, I share tips on my blog. And you know what’s my passion to turn into an online business.

It was roaming in my head the idea came to start her blogging journey. Still, the main point is I don’t want you to be going through the same situation that I go through where you are standing alone in a crowd where no one can come to you and tell go to find your skill where you happily work follow your passion. is a learning house for aspiring dream entrepreneurs who want to start a digital career via blogging. We can give you clarity and inspire and encourage you to step towards finding your niche. From time to time, we provide you with all the tools and resources with actionable tips to put your ideas to work with confidently show them in front of your ideal client.

I am here to rescue all the situations you are going through and provide tips, tools, and resources to start a blog from scratch or get stuck in blogging. If you have any questions or want to connect with me, you can say hey on Dm.